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Buy Dexter Today

After 8 seasons the serial drama Dexter has finally come to a slashing close. Fans around the world were stunned to watch the final episodes of one of the best shows on television in the past decade. If you want to own the final piece of the collection then make sure you purchase Dexter today.

Michael C. Hall gave a memorable experience as Dexter. Dexter Morgan was more than just an average crime scene forensics investigator, he was a cold blooded murderer. He had a quench for blood that could only be satisfied by killing another human being. He justified his actions by only killing the guilty. Anyone that slipped through the cracks of the justice system or that did not “deserve” to live were killed by the hands of Dexter. The closest people around him have no idea. As the series transpires different people in Dexter’s life learn about his secret and he is faced with having to deal with them one way or another. If you missed out on the entire series then now is the perfect time to purchase all of the previous seasons.


Dexter has been nominated for a total of 25 Primetime Emmy Awards. The show has won a total of 4 Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series 4 consecutive times. The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominated Dexter 12 times (winning 1) in different categories and it also received nominations for 10 Golden Globe Awards (winning 2).


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