Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes


You aren’t the only one that needs a costume this Halloween. Dress up your baby or toddler in an adorable outfit. This is a good time to allow your child to pick out a costume and spark their imagination. Halloween is all about building memories that you can reflect back upon for many years. Do not settle for an average costume, buy one that you can smile about years later. Many of the costumes here are under $20 so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on dressing up your children. Take advantage of the bargains and buy a couple of costumes this Halloween.              […]

Buy Cheap Dodgers Gear To Showoff Your Pride


Do you consider yourself a true Dodger fan? Do you have all the gear you need to represent your favorite team in the MLB?  Your favorite boys in blue need everyone to show their support as much as possible to help inspire them to push it as far as they can so they can make the city of Los Angeles proud. Get the best deals on gear with our selection of cheap Dodgers gear. The last time the Dodgers won a world series title was in 1988. The team has a total of 6 overall and is looking to earn its 7th in the near future. It does not matter […]

The Walking Dead


This Sunday The Walking Dead returns to television in its fourth season. Do you think watching the new season is enough to get you through this October? New episodes only come out once a week so what are you going to do while you wait for the next one to air? You should read The Walking Dead: Compendium One to see how the story transpired in the comic universe. The events are completely different than what develops in the television show. If the first compendium is not enough for you then The Walking Dead: Compendium Two should help give you more reading to pass the time. If you’d rather watch the first […]

Men Super Hero Halloween Costumes


Guys you asked and we answered! Yesterday we compiled a list of Super Hero Costumes for Women and today we have the best deals online for Male Super Hero Halloween Costumes. Dress up as your favorite hero or villain from your favorite comic book. Halloween is only a few weeks away and that means you need to hurry up and get a costume to go out with your friends. Halloween events and parties are going to start popping up before you know it so do not settle with wearing the same thing you worse last year. Many of the costumes available are very affordable so you don’t have to fork […]

Female Comic Themed Costumes


Halloween is less than a month away and if you have not found a costume yet then you are going to want to buy one as soon as possible. Luckily Bargain Collector has researched and found some of the cheapest costumes available online for you to purchase. Dress up this Halloween as one of your favorite comic book super heroines or villains. The majority of these costumes are easy to put on and remove so you don’t have to spend hours preparing for a party or to go to a Halloween event. Consider buying a couple of the costumes here so that you don’t have to dress up in the […]

Gear Up For Lakers Season


The Lakers are a legendary franchise that has accumulated 10 NBA rings within the past few decades of basketball. Kobe helped lead the Lakers for many years and Magic did so in the past. As the Lakers get ready with a new squad they are looking to put together a championship caliber team that can take on the elites of the NBA. With a trio that has nothing but limitless potential there is much excitement in store for the Lakers. Now is the time to get your gear to showcase your love for the franchise and to be a true Lakers fan and support the team as it grows in […]

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